What is LQID

Lifestyle banking and digital commerce, together

LQID is a life style

A new way to

shop and bank

LQID is a life style

At LQID we believe everyone can do amazing things when given the opportunity. And as the world changes driving a new way of working, a new way of earning, and a new way of managing money, we think the opportunity is now.

People are the core of commerce and the LQID platform gives our members the opportunity to connect with other people, our LQID team and other small business owners.

We use current and emerging technology to simplify the life of our customers and help them do, be and achieve more.

We see an opportunity for a socially connected economy that’s driven by consumers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. And we want to lead the charge.

Our long-term vision is to enable millions of businesses and billions of consumers to participate in a fairly-run global economy.


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