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Passion and commitment to make things better

LQID is a life style

From our buyers, sellers and customers, to our teams, leaders and developers, there is one thing that connects LQID people: our desire to be ‘more’ tomorrow than we are today. More connected. More successful. More satisfied. More LQID.

LQID is a people-powered business, and this isn’t just talk. In a world driven by technology, we understand the need to balance our innovative technology with a better human customer experience. And we can’t do this without people who genuinely want to try to do things differently; who understand that change requires a passion and commitment to making things better, for people. businesses and community in every corner of the world.

LQID is a life style

Our People

The LQID team is made up of a broad spectrum of skills and thinking across the banking and digital commerce. We relish diversity and experience in different industries and markets, understanding that this approach is at the heart of change.

With a presence in both Asia and Europe, we combine the energy and new ways of thinking about how technology can improve how we live our lives, with a robust approach to compliance and security that protects the customers and businesses we work with.

Our 200+ people development team in Asia builds the complete LQID ecosystem from end-to-end, from defining the LQID customer experience to deploying our products to the cloud. Our European-based teams work with local regulatory bodies and provide operational oversight to launch LQID in each market.

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