Connecting how we manage and use money

LQID is a life style

Creating a new, rewarding digital economy

Good commerce is built on strong relationships between a business and the people it serves. LQID delivers a more engaging customer experience, helping business owners grow their business sustainably while giving consumers the tools they need to better manage their finances.

Our shopping and banking platform aims to create a thriving marketplace that has direct access to essential financial services. We are able to support individual consumers and businesses and connect them to larger communities.

Small businesses are the backbone of economies across the world, and we are committed to creating asset-light business models and encourage new business creation and growth. Our long-term vision is to enable millions of businesses and billions of consumers to participate in a fairly-run global economy.

LQID is a life style

BankLQID is a better way to save, manage and grow your money. We understand that people demand better control over their money and new personalised products and services that better suit their needs.

LQID puts people at the heart of our business. Our innovative branch design connects communities, simple and straightforward products help people manage their finances, and we use technology to give our customers more information, and control, over how they use money.

We’re building a bank that is designed to help, rather than penalise. A bank that acts as a partner. A bank that wants our customers to win.

LQID is a life style

ShopLQID connects buyers and sellers to enhance their shopping experience. With an opportunity to reach global customers, reduce selling costs and provide greater choice, ecommerce should be a beacon of hope for small businesses.

ShopLQID makes it easier for people to start and grow a business online, and gives real choice to shoppers who want to support small businesses. Built to help new and existing sellers get mobile quickly, the LQID marketplace helps business to start trading online, and includes integrated tools to build loyalty and make selling easier. 

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